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Q: How can I maximize my resale value?

A: An exceptional kitchen attracts buyers like honey attracts bees. And you can do a great job for less money than you may think. Here are some suggestions of what not to do:

• Don’t waste money on specialty items like a pot-filler (the faucet on the wall behind your stove). It will probably cost you an additional $2,000 with no resale value. 

• Don’t make a center island too large. Designers say that 8’ long by 4’ wide is the biggest you should consider – anything more than that is probably too much… 4’ of counter top is the sufficient for many cooks. 

• Don’t spend a fortune on cabinets. Think simplicity and ease of use. Cabinetry is usually 60% of your remodel budget; appliances 25%; counter tops 15%. 

• Don’t think your kitchen needs a huge commercial stove. A gas range and electric wall ovens are the most popular.
To maximize resale value, choose a timeless look and design. Go for quality and avoid extras. The first impression will make the sale.

Tax Credit Info, below is some information about tax credits now available for energy upgrades.

First it is important to do a review of your energy efficiency. How green is your home?

Our local utility office may offer an energy audit for free or for a nominal fee. Go to, type in the city you want, and then search Public Utility Services. What else? The general rule of thumb is that the first thing to do is to seal and insulate your house. That one effort can reduce your heating and cooling bill by about 20%.
The tax credits cover four types of upgrades.

1. Insulation, windows and sealing
2. Home venting, heating, air-conditioning
3. Heat pumps, water heating, small wind generators
4. Hybrid and diesel cars

Having a Green Home that is very energy efficient also is good for selling. Many buyers will pay more for a home with these features.